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  • Your flat which will be arranged by your school should be equipped with the basic necessities stated in your contract, so please inform your school if something is missing.  Many other non-mandatory things may be included such as a rice cooker, sofa, dishes or bed linens.  Things may have accumulated from past teachers and other things can often be purchased cheaply on some of the various buy sell groups (Facebook groups) in Jeollanamdo or Gwangju area.  


  • *When you arrive at your flat, be sure to ask your co-teacher how to use the washer, the thermostat (floor heat/hot water), and any other electrical things in sight.  You will be given a 300,000 settlement allowance in your first couple of weeks to help you set up.  You will also be deducted a damage deposit of 600,000 KRW.   To make the adjustment easier they will be broken down into 200,000 KRW (approx. £115)  from each of your first 3 month paychecks.  You are entitled to receive this back if you leave your flat in a comparable condition, and have paid all your bills.  *On the last day of your orientation, you will be taken by your co-teacher to your flat and school and usually the next day you will start to work for your school.



Bill Payments

  • Utilities can be paid online or will be mailed to your apartment. If you are unable to read Korean, it’s best to take your mail to the school and ask before you pay.  Once you have established which bills you are responsible for, take them to your local bank for payment.  You usually have up to 2 months to pay before they start disconnecting things. 

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