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Alien Registration Card (ARC)  외국인등록증


  • The ARC is your ID while you are in Korea and will be required for many things, such as opening up a bank account, getting a cell phone and obtaining health insurance.  It is important to have this card on you at all times, and if you happen to lose it you must file a police report within 14 days in order to receive a new one. If you move or transfer schools you will need to visit the immigration office to have your ARC updated within 2 weeks or can be fine.

  • You need to visit the immigration office serving the area you will live to apply for your  ARC within your first 90 days of arrival in Korea. 

      Please prepare 2 passport size photos,your original passport, contract, *medical test (HIV,                           TBPE and Cannabis), *business registration certificate (학교사업자등록증), *housing                        contract (월세계약사 or 임차계약사), and the application fee of 10,000 won( £6). 

                       Your ARC will take 2-4 weeks to prepare.




* Business registration certificate: Your school will prepare this for you.

*  Medical test: A test will be arranged during your orientation.

* Housing contract: Your school will prepare for you.

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