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Things To Do

Mountain hiking: South Korea is popular with many attractive mountains and trekking routes. There are four seasons in Korea and each season provides hikers with different scenery in the mountains. 

Festivals and events: There are numerous  festivals and events in Korea from traditional folk festivals to contemporary festivals held in every province. Jeollanam-do is famous for food and traditional folk festivals.

Temple stay: Korea is a multi-religious country. Each town has temples,churches and cathedrals. Temples are often found in the middle of mountains and some temples in Jeollanam-do have temple stay programmes for foreigners. 

​Shopping/entertaining : Dongdaemun market, Namdaemun market and Itaewon in Seoul are the best for deals.

 Myungdong, Sinchon and Apgujeongdong 

and Insadong are places to enjoy modern culture and traditional antique shops.

There are a couple of big cities near Jeollanam Do and it is easy to travel for shopping and entertaining as well.




Ski resorts : Ski resorts are the main winter holiday destination in Korea. There are many resorts inside Korea and they host lots of foreign travellers  every winter from nearby countries.

Palace tours in Seoul: Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokqung,Deoksugung,Changgyeonggung and Jongmyo Shrine are historical symbols of 500 years of Korean history at the Joseon royal places. 

Other historical towns to visit include: JeonJu,Gyeongju,gongju,Buyeo, Youngin,Jeju Island and many more...

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