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National Health Insurance Corp NHIC 국민건강보험공단




  •  Health Insurance through the NHIC is not effective until your residency has been processed through immigration. Once you have obtained your ARC(Alien Registration Card), your school can apply for your health insurance, which will arrive in booklet form within a month. 



  • The premiums for health coverage are 5.80% and 0.38% for senior’s care; half of which is shouldered by the employer and the other half by the employee.


  • Health care in Korea is based on a co-payment system, where the insurance company and the insured share the cost of services. Some forms of treatment may not be covered, including elective surgeries and injuries which may have occurred due to the insured person’s negligence.


  • The NHIC also promotes preventative care for the insured, so during the course of your stay in Korea, you may be called in for a free mandatory physical examination, which includes a blood test, and chest x-ray.  It is also a good idea to have traveler’s insurance if you leave the country because you will not be covered outside of Korea.

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