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Application Process

Send CV by email  
Interview with QT Korea (Skype or face to face meeting to discuss more details about teaching positions)
( date and time will be arranged)
QT Korea sends you contract form
(Contract with The Jeollanamdo Office of Education, your employer)
Submit your documents for E2
teaching visa application to The Korean Embassy in London or to local embassy
Depart for Korea! ( You will arrive at Incheon International airport in Korea)
The Education Office welcomes you in South Korea.
Start 8-10 days of orientation organized and funded by The Education Office/ On the last day of your orientation, you will be taken to your accommodation and school by Korean Co-teachers who you will work with in your school 
Step 1
Step 7
Step 6
Step 3
Step 8
Step 2
Step 4 
Step 5
Reserve your flight to Korea
E2 visa issued by local embassy 
 Send your documents to QT Korea
by post
More details will be released in each step

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

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