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  • Phones


Landlines are somewhat primitive in Korea as the majority of people now use cell phones. However, if you plan on making a lot of international calls and are not using one of the free online options available, a landline is recommended.  Landlines are cheap, starting around 6000 KRW/ month( Approx. £3.50) with additional charges for calls.  An international phone card is recommended if you make a lot of long distance calls home. You can buy an international phone card at post office or online. 


  •  Mobiles


Samsung and LG are Korean brands, so they tend to lead the way in Korea.  However, you can also find iPhones and some other brands.  The service providers offer various monthly plans which can be adjusted at anytime.  They will require you to buy the phone outright or sign a yearly contract in which you make a monthly payment for the phone in addition to your monthly plan.


You will need your ARC and/or a passport to sign up for a contract.  Phones can be expensive in Korea so keep an eye on the various foreigner groups for people selling used phones or looking for people to take over their contracts.   


  •    Internet


There are a number of different internet providers operating in Korea, many of whom  offer packages in combination with a landline. Each company offers special features, signing bonuses, and different contract lengths. The monthly price usually ranges from 20-50,000 (Approx.£12-27) depending on what you are looking for. 


  •   PC Bangs and Wi-Fi


If you’re not looking to sign up for a monthly service and would rather connect to the internet without any binding agreements, you have a number of options. Korea is littered with PC bangs (PC rooms). You will literally find one on almost every corner. The price is right at 1000-1500 won/hour( £0.70), but unfortunately some of them are packed with chain-smoking, noodle-slurping gamers. Korea is also VERY Wi-Fi friendly with almost every shop offering free service.

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