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Teachers' Testimonials

" Quality Teaching in Korea  provided me with accurate and up-to-date information about Korea itself, which was very reassuring because I had not visited before and was keen to know more about the lifestyle I should expect. Any questions I had were dealt with quickly and more than adequately. It is true that only by living here can I truly understand Korean culture, lifestyle school systems and working life, but I felt much better equipped to make the jump to the other side of the world because of Hee Sun and her company. I believe that Quality Teaching in Korea was the best option for me to begin my new life teaching English in Asia. I have no hesitation in recommending their cost-free and professional service to like-minded teachers looking to work in public schools in Korea." Daniel in Mokpo

" Quality Teaching In Korea has been more helpful and supportive in securing my teaching position in Korea than I thought possible. I received all the support, assistance and guidance I needed from day one. Even when my circumstances became difficult, the staff were flexible and afforded me plenty of additional help. I always felt that there was somebody on hand to answer the hundreds of questions I seemed to ask! I'm now working in a high school in South Korea and feel very glad I sent my CV to Quality Teaching in Korea! "

Matthew in Gwangyang



From my first contact with Quality Teaching in Korea I have been extremely impressed at the way in which this company is run. Moreover, with Hee Sun Whalley, who is dedicated, hard working and always eager to ease concerns and worries that native English speaker teachers may have. The correspondence I have received with the company has been flawless- most emails/ text messages were replied to within 30 minutes. The potentially difficult and complicated application process was made simple due to the company's hard work. On top of all this, there is no fee. Certainly, I am more than happy to reccomend this company to anybody considering a career in English teaching in Korea.    Adam in Gokseong

" My experience with Quality Teaching in Korea was nothing but positive. Everything was handled professionally and efficiently from start to finish. The Director, Hee Sun, is a pleasure to work with and makes herself available to answer questions or help solve problems even outside of working hours. I would highly recommend Quality Teaching in Korea for any potential applicant for a smooth and pleasant transition into living and working in South Korea."

Mandy in Yeosu



Quality Teaching in Korea provides a fantastic service and supports you every step of the way through your application. Hee Sun’s professionalism and dedication removes all the stress from moving to the other side of the world. Furthermore, by using Quality Teaching in Korea you are guaranteed a service beyond that of any other similar company, and with their expertise they will find you a job best suited to you. Moreover, it’s free! Would I recommend this company? Of course I would, I already have.      Tom in Mokpo

 Hee Sun,

Without your help and guidance I don't think I would have got all my paperwork on time, but the most important factor for me was that you were always available to answer any questions or queries that I had. Moving countries is not easy and it is scary, but your amazing positive attitude throughout the process made it less stressful. I would definitely recommend your company again and again, I can’t thank you enough!

 Tofik in Haenam

" Hee Sun is a wonderful person, she will patiently and cordially guide you through every step of the application. Allay any fears you may have about the the process, the culture or the country. I feel very lucky to of come across such a kind and conscientious recruiter offering a superb free, fast and professional service.

                              Nick in Gwangyang



I cannot possibly compliment Hee Sun enough. When you are moving to a new country, starting a new job, it can feel like you're jumping from a plane without a parachute. Hee Sun was the perfect person to guide you through it with all the information you would ever need, if she didn't have a piece of information, she would find it for you immediately. She would never take longer that half an hour to reply to an email, even as late as 11pm. With all the trouble I had, more than most, with organising all my paperwork, partly my fault and partly the fault of the third-party, she showed unbelievable patience and understanding. When my paperwork missed the deadline she was even willing to wait for it to arrive, before flying over to Korea with my paperwork in hand to present to the company. She is by far the best recruiter I've ever worked with and would recommend her to anyone Jonny in  Gokseong

I found Hee Sun to be incredibly organsied and helpful when getting all the paperwork ready for my teaching job in Korea. Every question I had was answered quickly and reassuringly, (sometimes there were quite a few!) Nothing was too much trouble.

Both her and her company are reliable and caring, taking the time to get to know you and help as much as possible" 

Lorna in Bosung




Quality Teaching Korea were great in setting me up in South Korea. They are very organised and guided me through the application process with ease. The orientation process is professional and gives teachers the chance to meet each other before they start teaching. The most important aspect of all this to me is that Hee Sun is extremely kind, patient and understanding. She treats teachers with the utmost respect and cares a great deal about each of them. I highly recommend this company for anyone looking to live and teach in South Korea.

Ian from Dorset


"I've been in Korea for several months now and I'm very happy I decided to come here with the help of Quality Teaching in Korea. Hee Sun in particular advised me on the entire application process, making it as easy as it could be, and meaning there was no stress involved for me. I never had to worry about how to fill in a form, or which documents to send where, because Hee Sun answered most of these questions before I even asked them. 
Quality Teaching in Korea also provided me with guidance regarding orientation week, travel, and life in Korea. Everything was without charge to me, because it is offered as a free service to all applicants. I would recommend anyone who wants to teach English in Korea to get in contact with Quality Teaching in Korea."  Thomas in GangJin

" Korea; a place where the male teachers become your Brothers, the female's, your Sisters and you know have a new set of Fathers who can't stop looking out for you. They may seem a bit shy at first but as soon as you express the most commonly used phrase in all of Korea: Annyong-haseyo. Their face will light up with a smile as wide as the river bed because there's nothing they appreciate more than a foreigner attempting to communicate in their Mother tongue :)"

 Kris in Mokpo


" Quality Teaching in Korea provides a thoroughly professional and high class service. Candidates are selected carefully and ‘QTKorea’ takes a genuine interest in it’s teachers. Placement of teachers is done carefully and with great thought. The support given to teachers is exceptional, not only before securing an appointment, but also after. A key factor is that ‘QTKorea' has excellent contacts in the public sector. This is a recommendation in itself and speaks volumes for the quality of it’s staff."

 David in Jangseong

" Quality Teaching In Korea is an amazing, cost-free service that helped me every step of the way in finding an excellent teaching position in, South Korea. I would highly recommend QTKorea to anyone who is looking to teach in South Korea as Hee Sun Whalley’s knowledge and expertise is incomparable."James in Yeosu



Quality Teaching Korea has been fantastic right from the start. Hee Sun was able to provide support and feedback throughout the whole process and has continued to provide support here in Korea. The service QTK provides is free and I have no problems at all in recommending them to anybody considering teaching in Korea.

Rory in Younggwang


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