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 Jeollanam-do Travel Highlights

Dadohae Haesang National Park 

​A marine park consisting of over 1700 islands and islets


A temple which has survived five major disasters and was last rebuilt in 1636.

Duryunsan Provincial Park 

Where you will find Daeheunsa, a major Zen meditation temple.

Jindo Island 

A scenic island known for its bizarre 'landing Tide Phenomenon'.

Bogildo Island

Boasting three nice sandy beaches

Jogyesan Provincial Park

Home to Songgwangsa, the main temple of the Jogye Buddhist sect. 

Festivals in Jeollanam-do ( more than 60 events and festivals per year)

Youngam F1  Korean Gran Prix

In October, The Formula one Gran Prix is held in  Youngam in Jellanam -do province. 

 The track at Yeongam is 5.615 km with an amazing 1.2 km straight, the longest straight of any Asian Formula One circuit. The 3-day event expects about 200.000 people with free concerts and air show etc.

Green Tea Village Festival 

In May, the annual Green tea festival takes place in Boseong where green tea, music and azaleas are all together in harmony.

Jindo Festival

The separate island can be reached on foot during low tide by crossing a split of tidal land 2.8km long and 40m wide (called Moses' Miracle). 

Gangjin Celadon Festival

Between the 10th and 14th centuries, the Gangjin area was a flourishing celadon production site. The Gangjin Celadon Festival is a perfect opportunity to see the timeless beauty of celadon production. The festival was chosen as one of the best festivals in Korea by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

GwangJu Gimchi Festival 

Hosting all those fans of this unique Korean delight. Partaking in making, tasting is free and purchasing is possible.

Suncheon Bay Garden Expo

An international garden show taking place in Suncheon ecological park, known as one of the Korea's not-to-be missed natural vistas. 

Naganeupseong Folk and Culture festival

​The folk village is housed inside a Chosun-period walled fortress. Cultural events and about 300 kinds of Korean food are displayed. 

Danohjae Festival

A master of Jultagi tightrope walking using a fan to adjust his balance (left). A traditional Korean Martial art, Taekkyeondo (right).

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