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                                                                                 Eligible Applicant


  •  Be a citizen of a country where English is the primary language. (The UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa only)

  • Applicants must be a native speaker or have studied from the junior high level (7th Year) and resided for at least 10 years or more in the country where English is the primary language

  •  Applicants must graduate and hold at least a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited school.  However, applicants may apply anytime during their graduating year and we can set up an interview.A degree from a French-speaking university is not a sufficient qualification to teach English. A temporary degree or graduation letter from University is not acceptable

 Documents for Applying​

1. Application Form 


2. Degree Certificate ( apostille stamp required on your copied certificate, see below)


3. Academic Transcript x 2 (University results, two copies of the same transcript)


4. References x 2 ( two different references, academic or occupational references)


5. Criminal Check (Apostilled CRB  check will be part of the application process so applicants must have a clear criminal check

   Apply for a basic disclosure. It is a national level check and please apply as an individual.  


      If you already have a certificate check when it was issued. It shouldn't be older than 6months old on the time of your application.

      Your CRB certificate needs an apostille later. The above link for British applicants as an example and the other nationalities need 

      their background check.


6. Passport information page copy + one photo

7. heath check letter from GP or medical form ( details will be sent by email)




8. TESOL/CELTA/TEFL certification ( if applicable, Applicants without a  Bachelor's degree in Education ( in any subject) have to submit a certificate. ( mininum a 100 hour certtifcate. minimum a 20 hour in-class learning must be included in the certificate )


9. Teaching Certification (if applicable, PGCE or any courses relating to Education)


10. MA Certificate (if applicable, any subject will be accepted )


  • Every applicant should submit items 1- 7.

  • Applicants will also need to provide at least one of items 8-10 unless they have a bachelor's degree in  Education in any subject or a Master's degree in any subject.

  • If an applicant is eligible for salary level 1 at start they need to submit an employment proof letter. 

Applicants need to Get their copied University degree certificate(s) plus CRB original certificate legalised (apostille seal) to use outside their home country.

Apostilles are an affix that makes a document acceptable internationally. Korean law requires degrees and CRB checks to have an apostille attached to any certified documents. 


A copy of the degree(s) and an original CRB certificate must be certified first.  Only then will you be able to get the necessary apostille attached in FCO. 

Alternatively, please contact any agency online who do services of a solicitor's certification and send it to FCO for you afterwards. If you haven't found a local solicitor easily, it wil be a good option to google to find apostille agencies to save time. ( extra information will be provided by QTKorea)
More information will be provided by QTKorea 
Any questions about document details, please don't hesitate to ask us directly
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