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South Korea is divided into 9 provinces (do) and there are around 100 cities. Jeollanam - do is located in the south. Each province has many attractions and it is very easy to travel around by public transport.

Going out for a meal does not cost much compared with western countries. Main dishes are served with a number of side dishes which are provided free. Jeollanam-do in particular is very famous for good food inside Korea, and Korean people visit Jellanam-do for food festivals in spring and autumn. 

Travelling in Korea can be done by train including KTX, Korean Train Express. It takes less than 3hours by KTAX from

Jeollanam-do to Seoul. There are many coach services in South Korea and this is also a popular way to travel. 

Map of South  Korea
with 9 provinces

Korean people have respect foreign English teachers.

Koreans are generally quite reserved and tend not to be too direct in their speech. They often express themselves in a quieter manner, in comparison to what you may be used to


Korean students in Jeollanam-do are polite and respect teachers. Female students are shy in more rural places whereas male students are not dissimilar to western students.

The cost of living is very reasonable. There are many department stores, however, many people go to traditional local markets to pay less and also buy fresh fruits and vegetables directly from farmers.  There are usually a couple of markets in every town such as  E Mart, Hanaro Mart where people buy food, vegetables and everyday necessities.

Korea has been developed at a great pace over the last 50 years. In particular, you will probably be familiar with companies such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai and KIA.

Young Korean students are keen to listen to western music and learn about European culture. Nowadays KPoP (korean pop) is also popular in western societies such as Wonder girls and Psy's 'Gangnam style'.

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