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Lesson Planning Resources


  • --- A Dropbox folder I’ve created to share plans and resources. Here you can find some lessons I’ve shared in orientation as well as game templates, PowerPoint resources and worksheets.


  • --- The ultimate place for lesson plans, materials and advice. Forum-based website with tons of materials, mostly made by other ESL teachers in Korea. Find materials for textbook lessons, non-textbook lessons and games.


  • --- A website from Discovery Education offering free puzzle making for crosswords and other popular word games.


  • --- Sign up for Dropbox and get 2.5gb of free cloud storage. Great for sharing lesson plans and materials among friends. Save your lessons in the cloud and access them from any computer with an internet connection. Never worry about losing your thumb drive!


  • --- A free suite of office programs, including a word processor (like MS Word) and a presentation program (like PowerPoint). Files can be saved in .docx and .pptx formats for use in Microsoft Office programs. It’s great for working outside of school if your home computer doesn’t have MS Office and also useful for school computers that aren’t in English.


  • --- A free resource with newspaper articles written for ESL students. Great resource for journal writing and extra class activities. Articles written in several levels, so it can be useful to many different students. Updated with several articles per week covering a diverse range of topics. 




Useful Links


There are many free game sites  online. Waygook is a favorite with many teachers in Korea




Great source of Powerpoint based games (great for very low-level kids)

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